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Calendars promote your business

Go to the Wall for your Customers

October 22, 2015 • jpurcell • Communications, Corporate PromotionNo Comments

What would you estimate the value of having your marketing message prominently displayed in front of your best prospects and customers is?  Even better, what if your prospect were likely to see and interact with your message every day for a year?  I am confident that it is worth more than the one to two pennies per day it will cost to produce a calendar.



Tips for the Holiday Gift Season

September 29, 2015 • BMurray • Branding, Corporate PromotionNo Comments

It’s September, so obviously it is time to think about the holidays. In particular, how should your company show gratitude and appreciation toward your customers and employees? Holiday gifts are a form of communication and therefore an extension of your brand. Gifts to employees and clients should line up with your organization’s values and standards because they directly reflect your company’s judgement and professionalism. With this in mind, here are five tips when considering the purchase of corporate holiday gifts.

It’s a gift, not a promotion
A gift is a sign of your appreciation. If your gift feels too much like a promotion, it may seem you are trying to capture one more sale, which works against the goodwill you are trying to build. It is fine (often expected) for your gift to include a company logo. Just be sure it is subtle and tastefully done.


Blog V2

Want Effective Advertising? Use Promotional Products

September 9, 2015 • jpurcell • Branding, Corporate PromotionNo Comments

Promotional products have a high reach and potential for top-of-mind recall, which makes them an excellent medium to increase and sustain brand awareness. Like other forms of advertising, the use of promotional products has a strong correlation with both customer acquisition and retention. Advertisers have used this medium in strategic ways to build loyalty, create awareness and increase new product trials.

Be it imprinted pens, t-shirts, coffee mugs, baseball caps, candy treats or the latest technology items, advertisers present customers with promotional products as a way to inform, educate and excite. Promotional products are the only advertising medium that has the ability to touch all 5 of the human senses and provide an undeniably positive impact on attitudes and behavior. When advertising specialties are used correctly and coordinated with your campaign, they can provide a measurable positive impact on sales. (more…)

White Castle

Huge Crowds for new White Castle Grand Opening in Las Vegas

March 17, 2015 • jpurcell • Communications, Corporate PromotionNo Comments

When Terrible Herbst wanted to bring another popular franchise to the Las Vegas strip, they decided to open  Nevada’s first White Castle.  To promote the new franchise they turned to Jim Cosgrove and Fontis Solutions. Together, Fontis and Terrible Herbst teamed up for a grand opening that far exceeded expectations.  Click here to learn what generated this opening day frenzy.

Regulations and Compliance v3

The Risk of Buying on Lowest Price

October 9, 2014 • jpurcell • Branding, ISO 9001:2008, Marketing Supply Chain, UncategorizedNo Comments


There are risk and rewards associated with all actions.  When shopping for promotional products, buying the item with the lowest price may allow your company to save some money, but what about the risks?  These products will represent your company, so inferior quality can reflect a poor corporate image, but that is not the biggest risk.  The risk of not meeting compliance regulations may be much worse, leading to bad public relations and possibly large fines.


Manage brand image

Are Your Marketing and Sales Materials Lost?

May 7, 2014 • jpurcell • Brand Center, Branding, Communications, Marketing Supply ChainNo Comments

Survey results suggest over 1/3 of your sales representatives are not using the right marketing materials.  Worse, if you rely on a third party salesforce such as independent contractors, dealers, or VAR’s, over 50% don’t know where to access the most up-to-date materials.  Sales productivity and opportunities for success drop every time your sales staff does not take advantage of the communication tools that were carefully crafted to establish your brand.


2014 trends promotional products

2014 Trends for Promotional Products

February 28, 2014 • jpurcell • Corporate PromotionNo Comments

Every year, Fontis sends executives, sourcing personnel and sales executives to the promotional product industry’s premier events.  Recently, our representatives attended the annual PPAI Expo, which is the industry’s largest tradeshow, and the ASI Show! in Texas.  These shows serve as the best forum for promotional product suppliers to announce new products and conduct strategic business meetings.  Combined, the shows featured more than 1,500 exhibiting companies presenting well over 200,000 products.  Blending education with supplier exhibits allows Fontis to stay up on new trends in the industry, and helps us to provide you with creative new ideas to promote your company, products and services.


Blog Sunshie Act image

Are You Ready? Sunshine Act Reporting Requirements Have Started

January 20, 2014 • jpurcell • Marketing Supply Chain, Medical Device, Success Stories, UncategorizedNo Comments

For those in the pharmaceutical, medical device, biologics, or medical supply business, you should now be tallying up all remunerations provided by any member of your company to any physician or teaching hospital.  The new Sunshine Act law requires you to report everything valued at or above $10 per payment, or a total of $100 annually, between August 1 and December 31 of 2013. 


2011 Mazda6

Mazda CPO Sales Keep Growing

March 6, 2013 • jpurcell • AutomotiveNo Comments

A while back, Fontis Solutions posted a Success Story that discussed how we helped Mazda rebrand and market their Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles.  Auto Remarketing recently published a story that discusses the remarkable success of the program.  In the past 2 ½ years, Mazda has experienced incredible growth in CPO sales.  2011 showed sales increased by over 300% and 2012 sales grew at an additional 43.5%.  You can read the published story here.



Big Data

November 15, 2012 • jpurcell • Communications, Database Marketing, Direct MarketingNo Comments

That was the theme of the recent DMA Expo held by the Direct Marketing Association.  Starting with the keynote presentations and through the annual awards, the DMA showcased impressive results from companies managing almost unfathomable amounts of information to segment their customers, personalize their messaging, and track the results over multiple media.  It was truly impressive.



Who is Selling When the Sales Rep is Busy?

July 16, 2012 • jpurcell • Automotive, Corporate Promotion, Financial, RetailNo Comments

Not too long ago I ventured through the appliance section at my local home improvement store. My oven is on the fritz and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do some research. The sales staff was busy helping other customers, so I walked aisle by aisle past countless stoves, ovens and refrigerators, and to my dismay, left the store without any information on the new appliances. (more…)


Use Technology to Protect Hospital Branding Standards

March 20, 2012 • jpurcell • HealthcareNo Comments

It takes a lot of time and money to create a meaningful brand for a hospital. Marketing creates brochures, designs websites, sends newsletters, holds events and uses all types of communications to create a positive image.  Unfortunately, it often seems like keeping the hospital’s messaging accurate and on-brand is a full time job. (more…)


Motivate and Inspire Through Effective Communication

January 30, 2012 • rhagel • CommunicationsNo Comments

Build excitement and motivate employees to focus on your 2012 company goals with incentive and reward programs. Incentives are effective because they take advantage of an innate human characteristic; the need to be recognized and rewarded for one’s efforts. (more…)


How to Keep Your Communication Audit Simple

December 12, 2011 • jpurcell • Communications Audit, ISO 9001:2008, Marketing Supply Chain, RetailNo Comments

Evaluating your marketing supply chain or going through a marketing operations audit can sound like a time-consuming and difficult process. Our clients often tell us that they believe an audit will likely prove beneficial, but they don’t always have the time or resources to devote to an in-depth marketing supply chain evaluation. (more…)

Loyalty Marketing

Increase Customer Loyalty with Improved On-Boarding

November 22, 2011 • jpurcell • Communications, Database Marketing, Direct Marketing, FinancialNo Comments

The first 90 to 120 days are the most important time to engage new clients.  During this time frame, customers are most active in purchasing new products and services. They are also more vulnerable to defection if their experience does not match their expectations. (more…)

Marketing Supply Chain

Find Lost Dollars in Your Marketing Supply Chain

November 3, 2011 • jteberg • Corporate Promotion, ISO 9001:2008, Marketing Supply Chain, RetailNo Comments

 Today, marketing professionals face three challenges:

1. Finding money where money does not exist.
2. Optimizing their processes to get the most bang for their buck.
3. Measuring all marketing investments. (more…)

Corporate Gifts

Thoughtful Gift Giving: Make an Impact

October 7, 2011 • rhagel • Corporate PromotionNo Comments

As we enter the 4th quarter, many companies begin to think of ways to say “thank you” to their loyal customers, employees and vendors.  One long-established and effective way of way of saying thanks is to give holiday gifts. (more…)

CPO Automotive Program

Successfully Launch Your Next Program

September 21, 2011 • rgerstley • Automotive, Communications, RetailNo Comments

Making the Most of your selling opportunities
The key to successfully selling any product or service is for your customers to clearly understand ‘what’s in it for me?’ These three steps will help you effectively communicate your program’s benefits.

  1. Educate your sales channel.
  2. Educate your customers at the point of purchase.
  3. Package and merchandise your products to create a story explaining why your product is better.

Let me use an automotive Certified Pre-Owned program to demonstrate.  (more…)


Ensure your EMR Conversion Goes Smoothly

August 26, 2011 • jpurcell • Healthcare, ISO 9001:2008No Comments

As you plan your hospital’s conversion to a new ‘Electronic Medical Record’ (EMR) system, you may find it valuable to consult with your current managed print supplier.  We understand there are many good reasons to move away from paper based records, so we have taken a proactive approach.  Fontis has leveraged our experience in assisting our hospital clients through the conversion and used it to build processes to consult and assist other hospitals as they move toward EMR. (more…)


How Uniforms Affect Your Retail Business’s Brand Identity

August 9, 2011 • rhagel • Retail, UniformsNo Comments

When discussing brand compliance, many marketers immediately think about achieving consistency in the message and graphic presentation.  This may include web design, print collateral, POP materials and advertising.  Surprisingly, uniforms are rarely part of the conversation.  Now visualize the appearance of a typical employee, do they accurately project the brand you work so hard to build? (more…)


Target Your Websites and Increase Sales

July 27, 2011 • jteberg • Automotive, Marketing Supply ChainNo Comments

If you’re trying to force one website to do everything, you may find that you’re losing your focus and your audience. Why not target your sites the way you target other media? Then combine that with on-demand ordering and you’ll service vertical markets with optimum efficiency and profit. (more…)


More Than Noise–Make Music with Your Communications

July 19, 2011 • rhagel • CommunicationsNo Comments

I think most people agree; there is too much marketing “noise”. Noise – by marketing standards is not classified as actual sounds, but as an over abundance of irrelevant communications. Think about it this way, when you hear several songs playing at once, do you classify it as music or noise? But if you hear your favorite song played in the right environment, it can be a beautiful thing. (more…)


ISO 9001:2008 Certification Proves We’re Pros in Process

July 8, 2011 • jfries • Corporate Information, ISO 9001:2008No Comments

Earning ISO 9001:2000 certification (now 9001:2008) in 2003 is our kind of fun. Others might consider that level of rigorous documentation a pain. But process is part of our DNA. ISO certification gave us a chance to prove it. (more…)

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2 for 1: Improve Your Direct Mail and Save on Postage!

July 1, 2011 • jpurcell • Direct MarketingNo Comments

Research shows that a good way to improve direct mail results is to combine printed mail with the benefits of digital (web and phone apps). Print offers the insurance of deliverability (so more prospects will see your offer) and it also gives you full control of design and presentation.  Adding a digital component will add immediacy (instant contact and response), additional touch points and tracking ability to your promotion.  Now the United States Postal Service wants to help convert you by providing a 3% discount on any direct mail piece that includes a Quick Response (QR) code for marketing purposes and is mailed in July or August. (more…)

Puzzle-Solution cropped

The Dirty Dozen: Actions That Reveal When It’s Time for a New Marketing Partner

June 24, 2011 • jteberg • Marketing Supply ChainNo Comments

The powers that be tell us that the recession is over. The economy seems to be moving again. And your marketing provider is encouraging you to start promoting yourself again. They’re right. You should. But are they the best partner? (more…)