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Fontis Solutions answers the business challenges of some of the world's largest companies.

Automotive Dealer Marketing

Kubota Tractors Work Manuals — A Managed Print Solution

Fontis implements on-demand printing to expedite delivery and reduce inventory costs to near zero. Business Challenges Kubota Tractor Corporation is a subsidiary of Japan-based Kubota Global and a leading distributor of tractors in the United States.  Kubota was printing 1,500 … (more…)

Mazda – A Data-Driven, Integrated Marketing Solution

Mazda wanted a new welcome package for new-car buyers. The package needed to drive more buyers to its ‘My Mazda’ website, help improve Mazda’s initial quality scores, reduce the time between purchase and receipt of the welcome package and reduce the cost of the program. (more…)

Mitsubishi Motors – A Brand Center Supply Chain Management Solution

Mitsubishi Motors’ system for delivering marketing and operational materials to their dealer network was slow, inconsistent, complicated and costly. Customers were suffering poor service. (more…)

Mazda Certified Pre-Owned – An Integrated Marketing Communications Solution

Mazda’s Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) sales had stalled. CPO is critical in helping dealers strengthen used vehicle sales, raise revenues for parts and service, boost brand reputation and increase the residual value of new cars. Dealership participation was at rate that was well below Mazda’s goal. (more…)