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Build Your Brand with Customer Loyalty Programs

April 17, 2018 • digitalmedia • BrandingNo Comments

In business, you always want to drive sales. Your business doesn’t survive without fresh ideas and new clients. But you know to really add value to your company, make a significant contribution to your industry, and influence the communities you serve, you need a solid customer base with staying power. Alongside a loyal and hardworking team, customer loyalty is truly the most priceless attainment of good business.


But how do you build customer loyalty? There is no magic formula that works for everyone. But there are principles which, if properly executed and contextualized, help build a company culture in which clients remain for the long term. Customer loyalty programs are one simple yet effective strategy for encouraging customers to become brand ambassadors and even significant friends. (more…)

Tips for Compelling In-Store Signage

April 10, 2018 • digitalmedia • Marketing Supply ChainNo Comments

Your in-store signage plays a vibrant role in the daily life of your business. It welcomes customers, orients them to your store, draws people in, directs them to departments and products, and guides them to promotions. Because it has so many functions basic to your everyday success, your signage gets a lot of practical marketing mileage. It is something like a branded map. But hand-in-hand with its functionality, signage also needs to be compelling. It can and should advertise for your business. Here are eight tips to creating signage that does just that.


Signs It is Time to Rebrand Your Business

April 3, 2018 • digitalmedia • BrandingComments Off on Signs It is Time to Rebrand Your Business

There’s a sense in which rebranding is all about small details. You reconsider dozens, hundreds of marketing details: colors, lines, wording, tone, tweets versus snaps. And then there’s a sense in which rebranding is a grand gesture: no matter how subtle the final details, a successful rebrand takes a great deal of savvy, foresight, and hard work, and announces to the world a new genesis for your company. So how do you know when it’s time to make that leap and rebrand, and when to stay the course? There are five points in your company’s life that signal the need to rebrand your business. (more…)

Why Your Hospital Needs Color-Coded Scrubs

March 27, 2018 • digitalmedia • Medical DeviceComments Off on Why Your Hospital Needs Color-Coded Scrubs

The Importance of Color-Coded Scrubs

As many hospitals switch to color-coded scrub programs, they sometimes encounter initial resistance. To hospital staff, uniforms not only affect comfort and safety throughout the workday, but they may also be seen as a means of expressing personal style or identity. But color-coded scrubs are becoming such a vital means of hospitality toward patients and their loved ones, the ultimate results make getting through that initial change worth it. If you’re not yet convinced, consider the reasons below. And if you’re ready to make the change, you can use this as a guideline in conversations with your staff. (more…)

Leverage Your Brand During Training

March 20, 2018 • digitalmedia • BrandingComments Off on Leverage Your Brand During Training

No matter how outstanding the service you provide, your brand is the recognizable face and voice of your business in the world. It’s what attracts prospective customers. It’s what helps clients to remember you. It’s what gets you noticed as a preferred service provider among competitors. There’s nothing that can replace the power of genuine brand loyalty. And the headwater for brand loyalty lies with your employee training.


The Importance of Brand Management

March 12, 2018 • digitalmedia • BrandingComments Off on The Importance of Brand Management

When you hear the word, “brand,” what comes to mind? A catchy slogan? A logo on a product? Though these are key aspects of twenty-first century brand management, they no longer express the whole. Brand management today is a far more complex business than recognizable logos and catchphrases, as it has come to encompass every aspect of a company’s engagement with the world, both online and off. A good brand requires careful management. Here’s why it’s important to manage your brand, and why a good brand is so valuable to all your other efforts. (more…)

Marketing Materials – Paper Stock and Print Finishes

February 27, 2018 • digitalmedia • PrintComments Off on Marketing Materials – Paper Stock and Print Finishes

When it comes to choosing paper for your print needs, texture is the “voice” and feel of your project, and it speaks volumes without a single word. It bolsters your message, attracts readers, and calls attention to your materials. Multiple textures in a single project signals changes in tone and emphasizes calls to action. But which paper stock and print finishes are suitable for which jobs? And how should you make these investment decisions? Learning the ins and outs of paper selection begins with knowing your options. We will focus here on stock, weight, fiber, and finish. (more…)

From Digital Immediacy to Print Permanency

February 20, 2018 • digitalmedia • PrintComments Off on From Digital Immediacy to Print Permanency

Digital seems to be the medium breaking through all the new frontiers in marketing these days. The capacities of digital seem infinite. And if you don’t have a strong, integrated online and social media presence, you’re lagging far behind. But after centuries of newspapers, flyers, pamphlets, mail, and magazines, has the art of using paper in business really been dethroned?

As researchers compare print to digital in their overall effectiveness and appeal, paper is not only maintaining its old territory, it’s proving necessary to keep digital grounded. Digital marketing alone does not succeed without paper. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this, and why paper still has the sharp cutting edge. (more…)

The Latest Trends in Print Marketing

January 2, 2018 • digitalmedia • PrintComments Off on The Latest Trends in Print Marketing

Print marketing is still at the center of a successful marketing campaign. In the barrage of digital information, customers enjoy and even prefer interacting with businesses through print media. But the best solution includes a combination of print and digital, a merger ripe with possibility. With improvements and innovations emerging constantly from the blend of print and digital marketing, here are some of the latest trends in print marketing to give you an edge.

First we’ll begin with brushing up on two tried and true methods. (more…)

Calendars promote your business

Go to the Wall for your Customers

October 22, 2015 • jpurcell • Communications, Corporate PromotionComments Off on Go to the Wall for your Customers

What would you estimate the value of having your marketing message prominently displayed in front of your best prospects and customers is?  Even better, what if your prospect were likely to see and interact with your message every day for a year?  I am confident that it is worth more than the one to two pennies per day it will cost to produce a calendar.