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Why You Should Increase Your Email Marketing Budget

June 26, 2018 • digitalmedia • marketingComments Off on Why You Should Increase Your Email Marketing Budget

You receive an email. It’s totally relevant, even important. If you get to opening it, you skim through, nod, and then, with good intentions to flag it and come back to it, immediately forget. Why? Because you are inundated with emails.

A few years ago, marketers had to start asking: Are customers and clients burning out on email? Does email marketing still work?

The answer: absolutely. The truth is, though many of us swim through overflowing inboxes on a regular basis, the success of email marketing is undeniable. It is part of the reason our inboxes are overflowing!

To get your message out, you need to follow a few tricks of the trade. Don’t scale back. Here’s why you should actually increase your email marketing budget.

The Pros of Increasing Your Email Marketing Budget 

To increase quality (and strategy) over quantity

It’s fairly inexpensive to produce and send an email. So it may be tempting, in the effort to get the most bang for your buck, to simply send more. This isn’t always a bad thing. After all, repetition builds memory, and building on previous emails and experiences is part of the logic behind a comprehensive email strategy. However:

It’s not really about numbers. You may send more emails. Or you may send less. The key is how well your emails meet the goals of your campaign strategy. This will require a high-quality design aimed toward a specific call to action and specific audience. It also includes careful attention to when you send your emails. Finding this level of strategic quality takes some experimenting, data analysis, and often, hiring expert assistance. It will also depend on the season your business is in (Fundraising? Reaching out to new prospects? Hiring?), and what audiences you’re trying to reach.

Emails take a more careful investment of time, planning, and execution than ever before. Increasing your email budget means making more room for quality.

To ensure you stand out

You also need to invest in design. For most people, emails from businesses that don’t look one-hundred percent professional and relevant simply get cut. Put out too many of these, and you will become spam. In a matter of moments, your email needs to make an impression that you are trustworthy and that you’re offering something your audience is interested in.

This starts with the subject line. If you are marketing to an audience fifty and up, for example, emojis in the subject line might look childish or over-the-top. Then your carefully crafted campaign is in the trash bin. But if you’re marketing to a twenty-five to forty-year-old audience, one or two well-chosen emojis in the subject line might just be the thing that catches the eye and gets you the click you want. Wording will also attract or repel. The little details matter.

To translate perfectly across devices

Here’s another example of where small details matter. Your email can look great as you’re designing it on a desktop or laptop, but what happens when it hits the variety of devices used by your audiences? Does text suddenly stretch or shrink? Do images become randomly misplaced? An email is not a novel. If it’s an effort to read your email from beginning to end, you’ve lost a reader.

The standard is the smartphone. Make sure that all your emails can be read with ease from a small screen. A well-designed email campaign [LINK] will balance images with text and blank spaces. The text will be easy to read. The call to action will be clear. It will be easy to find relevant contact information, click links, zoom in on images, and get to your website or social media handles.

A trusted marketing partner can help you make your emails stand out in a crowded inbox, and work across devices.

To build your brand

As you invest in quality campaigns, you build your brand’s reputation. You’re building the right associations with customers. When your name, logo, and design elements are integrated appropriately into a relevant email, readers will see you as a business that does not waste their time. You cut to the chase. You stay top of mind without pushing. You know what your audience is looking for, and you know exactly when to offer the right thing. Building positive associations means getting to the attention of the right prospects, which can lead to increased leads and sales.

One essential element of building brand is courtesy. See your emails through others’ eyes. Send them through in-house testing phases to receive feedback. Is there anything at all frustrating or confusing about your emails? Make your unsubscribe button easy to find. Ensure that if someone replies directly to an email campaign, they receive a polite automated response that someone will be in touch soon, rather than a bounce-back message.  

Paying for design acumen and strategy are worth it because they protect and build your brand. Even if customers don’t take advantage of your offer this time, you’re playing the long game. A good impression can lead to a click in the future.

To integrate with other channels

Email has a relationship to other channels. How does email dovetail with your strategy for social media, direct mail, web advertising, and in-house publications?

This is directly connected to your call to action. You need to understand how email connects best to your other marketing channels so that you can give readers a bridge to easy follow-through. Do you want them to get to know your services better? Send them to staff bios, a link to sign up for a free consultation, or your social media channels. Do you want to check in with a new customer or client? Use email to offer an e-book or PDF of your newsletter, share a video, or connect them with one of your customer service reps. Both on- and offline, all your other channels connect strategically to email marketing.

Ready to get started? Contact Fontis Solutions for comprehensive creative services and seamless execution. We’ve got a solution for every part of your business. Put us to work, and start saving.

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