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How a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

July 2, 2018 • digitalmedia • marketingComments Off on How a Marketing Consultant Can Help Your Business

What value does a marketing consultant bring to your business? You may wonder whether a marketing consultant is a worthwhile investment, especially if you already have a marketing or communications staff. But the fact is, you can’t see every corner of your business, and you can’t always see it clearly. Sometimes, you need an outside viewpoint. An expert opinion and a new creative energy can be a smart investment in your company. How does it work?

Perfect times for hiring a Marketing Consultant

You need fresh eyes and fresh know-how. You need exceptional industry insight and new tactics. You need additional support. It could be a perfect time to hire a consultant if your business is:

  • Stuck in a rut – financially or creatively.
  • Heading for a big transition – starting a new company, going through a merger, rebranding, or resurrecting.
  • In temporary or seasonal need – such as a campaign.

Benefits of hiring a Marketing Consultant

A consultant is a neutral party. He or she will bring clear-eyed perspective on your company. They have no emotional entanglements, no history with your company, no “dog in the fight” — just a professional, comprehensive perspective on strategy and operations. You’d be amazed how much this can take out complications and clarify issues.

A consultant makes tough and needed calls. Because of their neutrality, consultants can make the tough calls and help make the hard decisions. Just because you’ve made a strong personal investment in one idea or areas doesn’t mean it’s the element to keep. Only a sharp editor’s eye can see beyond the personal feelings to the integrity and success of the work itself. A consultant is there for the success and integrity of your project and your company, and can show you where to trim the fat, head off mistakes, and strengthen areas of weakness you may naturally avoid.

A consultant brings specialized skills. Marketing problems can be complex, difficult to diagnose, and have long-term effects. Find someone who specializes in your industry or area of need and take advantage of their applied wisdom. If they have already made your problem area a focus in their work, you are saving yourself time, trouble, and money. You’re hiring someone with a highly trained eye and a highly developed skill set who can untangle the knot with efficiency and expertise.

Consultants can come in teams. Most companies who hire marketing consultants either hire a freelance consultant or a team from a marketing company. A team brings a whole panel of strengths and resources to bear on your need and has more manpower to spend on the solution. Problem-solving services can be bundled together for complete managed solutions if needed. Teams can also scale a variety of services, so you have premium flexibility.

A consultant requires a limited commitment. Unlike a new hire, a consultant is there solely to give you what you need and be on their way. You don’t keep a consultant for long, and therefore can hire quickly. You can also avoid over-hiring by working with a consultant. And if you’re not completely satisfied with the work, you can find another service provider. A marketing company has many resources and consultants at its fingertips, and can more easily ensure you get the right match.

A consultant cuts the red tape. A staff is a like a family; there’s strong relational capital there, but always a lot more going on under the surface to consider. Important tasks can get log-jammed in administrative and relational red tape. As non-staff, marketing consultants can often get projects accomplished more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively because they are not part of these longer-term relationships and structures.

A consultant gives you a bird’s eye view. And as they are working on the problem area, consultants are also working to integrate the current project into your broader marketing strategy and the vision of your company. So along with problem resolution, you’re also getting the “big picture” view. Through the process, you can gain valuable insight into your company’s health, goals, and leadership. What your company is doing is now under the scrutiny of an outside party, which means you are accountable for what they dig up. You see your limitations and strengths.

What makes a good Marketing Consultant

When choosing a consultant, there are some basic requirements they need to meet. They need to have:

  • Years of diverse experience.
  • A track record of success.
  • A strong portfolio that reflects experience in your industry or area of need.
  • Demonstrable commitment to strategic integration. You don’t want someone who just “shoots from the hip.” You need a partner who will shoot for long-term results that linger long after their job is done.

Choosing the right consultant for you

When it comes to narrowing down the right consultant for you, consider:

  • What’s your budget? Are they willing to work with it? Can they adjust their services to your budget if needed?
  • Do they “get” your project?  Or is it a struggle to offload your vision?
  • Is it easy to communicate? If not, it could be trouble with communication skills, on one or both sides. It could also be personality. Consider this at least a yellow flag, if you’re having a hard time communicating.
  • What’s their current workload? Can they handle taking on additional projects?
  • Where are they located? And does it matter to you? Do you want to meet with them in person?
  • Do you like them? It’s vital that you get a “good feeling” about the relationship, and that you like and trust the person or team you’re giving your money to.

Marketing consultants can bring much needed clarity, strength, strategy, and focus to your company or campaign. For a team of proven marketing consultants invested in your long-term success, contact Fontis Solutions. We can scale our services to exactly what you need, for a variety of projects and budgets. We’d love to hear from you.

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