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The Power of Brochures for Your Business

April 24, 2018 • digitalmedia • marketingComments Off on The Power of Brochures for Your Business

When you think about traditional visual media that works particularly well for your industry, what comes to mind? Direct mail, flyers, and signage still comprise components of a tailored and integrated visual marketing strategy for sales. You want to employ these time-tested strategies with a track record for acquiring attention, announcing a presence in a community, introducing key staff or management, and highlighting seasonal promotions. You need bold branding impact without losing tangibility.

A Tangible Win With Brochures

But there’s a third key element. You also need to provide customers and prospects the chance for easy, sustained engagement with the narrative of your business. Once prospects have seen your signage or responded to promotional media, how can they find out more? Where do they learn, not just about your latest offer, but about the core of your identity? Brochures are an ideal combination of traditional branding and promotional material with a tangible, interactive, take-home experience of your company. They provide a quick yet thorough overview of your business: why you’re here, what you do, and how prospects and clients can participate. No digital equivalent quite takes the place of an effective brochure. Here are six important reasons why.

Sustained attention

Guiding customers effectively through a digital experience is a skill set your business must master. However, the attention given by the human eye and brain to digital media is markedly different than attention to paper and ink. In a digital experience, our eyes roam over a page, rarely reading each word carefully. We search for what we quickly want to find and shut out all else. Websites are built, and social media platforms are managed with that tendency in mind and cater to it. But when customers approach paper materials to read them, they are prepared to peruse, take them home, read entire paragraphs — in other words, to apply sustained attention. People do not approach them expecting to glimpse through a massive cache of data, but rather to encounter information which is carefully focused and crafted and has a narrative flow.


Customers also approach brochures expecting to find out more about who you are at heart. Businesses frequently use brochures as a platform for sharing pertinent history, a mission statement, and what they strive to achieve, along with an overview of goods and services about that background. The purpose of a brochure, unique to any other platform, is to engage customers in the story of a business and provide a sense of how their participation relates to that story. Engagement in a story creates long-term clients. “What does it mean to be our customer?” and “What does it mean to be us?” are the two main questions a brochure takes the time to answer. Brochures show how the big picture fits together.

The customer’s hand

The customer’s hand is one of your most powerful marketing platforms. A physical connection to your materials engages memory, and your choice of paper shape and texture expresses your brand and maximizes tangible impact. You should always maintain a stock of updated, consistent, and professional handheld materials to pass to customers, and ideally, these materials will include a brochure. With a brochure, your materials are easy to browse and pass along while also providing ample space to literally “unfold” a miniature panorama of your company’s story, goals, and offerings.

The power of return

Providing customers with a takeaway guarantees that they will return to the materials. Hopefully, these moments of return will mean considering and learning more about your brand as your brochure intrigues and pulls them in. And these return moments are often moments in which customers have time to consider the information you’ve provided — information which does not disappear when a screen is turned off. With a brochure, customers must return to the brochure even if, at the very least, they are clearing the desk or briefcase. Even in this “worst case scenario,” you’re getting at least two interactions with a customer or potential client.


No other promotional material serves as a condensed reference guide for your business. Even with all the available digital marketing tools, when in-store, customers still search for a brochure and ask, “Is there something I can take home?” Many customers may either not be ready for a commitment or require space away from the pressures of the sales floor to clear their minds and compare facts. Others may need to discuss details with a partner or spouse before making a decision. There are many situations in which a customer needs to walk away from an interaction and return feeling better equipped. Brochures are an appreciated, even an expected, way to provide quick-reference guides to your company and your services.

A visual experience

Finally, brochures give you the opportunity to create a sustained visual experience for customers. This experience is meant to provide a balance of brand impact with a helpful, engaging flow of information and can be accomplished in a variety of creative ways, including through inserts, fold-outs, shapes, colors, intuitive layout, easy-to-read text, and a good text-image balance. Interacting with the pages should be enjoyable and should showcase your company’s character.

Brochures can provide digital leads, too. But a brochure is first and foremost created to give a full and focused non-digital experience. Perhaps this is why they are so often associated with building positive and personal customer connections.

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