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Drive Down Cost and Improve Delivery with Print Management Programs

September 19, 2018 • digitalmedia • PrintComments Off on Drive Down Cost and Improve Delivery with Print Management Programs

As a health services provider, your first priority is to care for your patients, their loved ones, and their caretakers. How does improved management of print materials relate to that priority?

You already know that excellence in marketing strategy gives hospitals an advantage in outreach, revenue building, hiring, innovation, and improving patient care. Print management is an important yet often neglected part of the efficiency processes tied to excellent marketing. Print management may seem at first glance like a luxury. However, it is designed to save large amounts of waste, time, and expended effort, as well as rescue a significant—perhaps surprisingly significant—portion of your marketing budget.

How to Drive Down Cost with Print Management Programs

If your bottom line and your staff’s time are the two most valuable resources you have to provide the best in patient care, they deserve to be protected. Print management is an elegant efficiency solution. Here’s how these programs drive down costs and improve delivery on hospital print materials.

Multiple facilities, multiple vendors

As a hospital grows, only solid yet flexible organizational structures will keep it afloat. Print materials are no exception. They include:


  • Print marketing
  • Promotional items
  • Apparel
  • HR documents
  • Financial documents
  • Administrative documents
  • Patient paperwork
  • Medical records
  • Stationery
  • Business cards


Every healthcare facility works with multiple vendors, and many work across multiple facilities, and all work with hundreds and thousands of print items a day. The task of keeping branding and information one-hundred percent correct and consistent across all these channels, and in the hubbub of a medical environment, is no easy task.

Print management programs coordinate branding, printing, sourcing, delivery, warehousing, and storage into a single streamlined system. This allows your brand to stay on target and all your paperwork to remain accurate, no matter who your vendors may be, what changes you implement, or how your staff may transition.

When hospital brands leave a fossil record

Print materials are notorious for leaving evidence of inefficiency and wasted revenue. You can see it in the crisscrossing strata of inventory, showing off multiple eras of vendors, managers, and operational procedures. This is your evolutionary record of under-ordering, over-ordering, lost items, duplicate items, obsolete items, and inconsistent branding.

A print management program eliminates the wasteful “fossil record” phenomenon altogether. It does this first by providing a comprehensive audit of your print inventory and operations. This gains you a full perspective of your strengths and weaknesses and allows the management program to reconfigure and improve production, delivery, and warehousing. It also allows for vital spring cleaning of inventory, determining what to keep, what to alter, and what to slough off.

In short, print management allays waste and confusion around sourcing and inventory, so that you never lose track of what you have. Your hospital is well-stocked at all times with exactly what it needs, without remainder.

Differing needs across locations

Each community your hospital serves is different. Therefore, each facility has a different need for print materials. These differences can range from scale (smaller or larger orders) to kind (differing types of resources, different branding, different vendors).

A primary part of the print management process is determining the specific needs of each of your locations. This ensures that streamlining doesn’t neglect the need for high levels of customization. An effective print management program will remain attentive to particular marketing, HR, and administrative needs that best serve local patient communities.

Another concrete way print management does this is through using departmental feedback in implementing new ordering and design procedures. This is important in the medical industry, where many employees can feel they are at odds with corporate systems and requirements. Local constituencies and preferences need a voice, and yet large-scale organizational procedures are not an option in a well-ordered hospital system. This balance is one of modern medicine’s greatest challenges. Print management is an ideal blend of desirable outcomes, as it applies a single program across locations, without sacrificing scalability and the ability to create custom solutions.

Results with impact

Print management gains you results that impact your bottom line by hundreds of thousands of dollars. It achieves this through specific services such as:


  • Audit of inventory and operations
  • Elimination of duplicate and obsolete materials
  • Streamlined design and ordering
  • Detailed reporting to facilitate chargeback
  • Supply chain and inventory consolidation
  • Warehousing and distribution controls
  • On-demand production for customized and low-use items
  • Transition to an EMR (electronic medical record) system


Here’s a poignant example. In their first year, MemorialCare, a seven-facility patient care services provider in California, saved over $600,000 by hiring a print management program from Fontis Solutions. Fulfillment speed increased, and order accuracy soared to over 99.4%.

Print management also provides a long-term solution. MemorialCare has continued to see reductions in costs every year since 1996—over twenty years of consistent savings and increased effectiveness.

Print management programs save you money by lending simplicity to a complicated, multi-faceted process, while lending brand strength to your hospital, and peace of mind to hospital employees and directors.

Your ability to care for patients effectively is directly influenced by your bottom line and a well-resourced staff. In this way, print management programs can be a great investment in the fundamental health and success of your hospital.

Fontis Solutions has extensive experience in healthcare documents and print management. We’ve helped MemorialCare, and many others achieve their financial and operational goals so that they can be free to serve and succeed.

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