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Recruit Top Talent with Engaging Marketing Materials

May 22, 2018 • digitalmedia • marketingComments Off on Recruit Top Talent with Engaging Marketing Materials

When you’re recruiting, potential candidates will want to investigate your company. They’ll check out your website, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and read client reviews. But as you begin to approach onboarding, they’ll also be inspecting you through your marketing materials.

Marketing materials are an important consideration, as they influence HR as well as sales. Recruits will be interacting closely with you through HR, training, and other onboarding documents. What message will you be sending them? And how do you get it right?

First, make a compelling case

Brochures, training packets, letterhead—even non-paper objects in the office space, such as uniforms, pens, and mugs—all pack potential to affirm a recruit’s decision to begin a relationship with you, or turn them off from continuing. How do your marketing materials make a visually compelling case for sticking with you? Materials which are attractive, easy to read, organized, and anticipate recruits’ questions and needs show that you are a company that cares about your partners, thinks ahead, plans well, stays on top of your image and therefore doesn’t neglect growth. It also shows you nurture a specific attractive value, such as hospitality. These values make a compelling case for joining a company.

Then get to the point

Good marketing materials also get to the point. Recruits should not receive a handful of papers wondering what you’re about, or how you’re different from other similar organizations with whom they’ve interviewed. Therefore, what you want to do is to make a visually compelling case for the benefits of working with you that flows from your unique corporate identity.

There’s a level of authenticity and transparency that comes with laying your cards on the table, and you can do this through your choice of messaging, colors, textures, and design. When they all work together to express your company’s character meaningfully and clearly, you’ve given recruits precisely what they need to help them get to know you and to make the right decision.

Note, however, that sometimes your marketing materials will be so effective and clear that the wrong recruit for your business will decide to drop out. The point is not to maintain recruits at all costs, but to maintain the right ones.

Make your design intentional

If you approach your design elements intentionally, it shows. And it makes a big difference.


Unless you have your own professional marketing team, in-house production can quickly give itself away. Having professional and sustained oversight of marketing materials with the right partner ensures consistency and high caliber. They signal that you know what you’re doing and you care to do it right. Unprofessional marketing materials can turn away potential recruits.


Recruits want to know what they’re in for, and they want to know that you have focus and clarity of identity, expressed through marketing materials that share clear, unified visual cues.  To keep visual harmony and unity between your marketing pieces, keep the sourcing as streamlined as possible. Do not create new pieces on a whim. Have someone who is the “keeper of the keys” for organizing materials production. And whenever possible, source your materials from a single origin. Again, hiring a marketing partner is a great way to do this.

Shape and size

If you’re printing in an odd shape or size, make sure there is a compelling reason behind it. Interesting folds and die-cuts can be used effectively within a standard size. But too much variation from standard business and legal widths and lengths, and materials can become a nuisance if they’re difficult to file. Or they may take on an overcompensatory character. If they’re hip or “different” simply for difference’s sake, recruits may wonder whether there’s substance behind it.


Use professional photography. There are some excellent stock photos to choose from, and some may work well, but if you want to give a truly authentic impression of your company life, get some real snapshots of that life in action, and make sure they look up-to-date and relevant. You also need professional photos for your products. And wherever products appear, a caption should follow.

Make the look flow


Infographics are great at sharing and comparing even complex information at a glimpse. But always make sure you’re relying on visual, not textual elements here. A table will make the reader’s eyes glaze over. If you can communicate just as well with a graph or chart, you should do it.


Does your logo still make sense? Companies occasionally need a logo makeover. Make sure that all your marketing materials are consistent if you are in the middle of a makeover, or have done one in the past few years. If your letterhead, for example, still bears an old logo, get some new letterhead.

Visual balance

Marketing materials serve to give an accurate, compelling introduction to your company, but each piece does not need to say everything. A brochure, for example, does far better when comprised solely of text. An informational or training packet should be well-tabbed and marked with clear headings and subheadings for ease of perusal and also include plenty of images and strategic “white space.” Recruits can also use white space for note-taking.

Even required HR documents can be printed and presented in a way that harnesses your brand and makes the paperwork process that much easier. Balance concentrated text with opportunities for the eyes to rest and wander, and you’ll keep the visual field fresh.

Making your marketing materials effective attracts recruits and helps them make their best decision about whether you’re a fit. Fontis Solutions can help you. See how we’ve saved money and boosted profits for some of the world’s largest companies through improved marketing efforts. Simply contact a consultant to get started.

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