Brand Management Solutions That Scale as You Need

Fontis means “source.” And what are we the source of? Solutions. Because we’re thinkers as well as doers. Planners as well as producers. More than products, from us you get answers. So when you come to our experienced, resourceful sales team, this “fountain of answers,” you can take what you need when you need it. Maybe you only dip in. Maybe you channel us into your operation. Because we are ultimately scalable. Limitless in resource. The go-to guys. On demand. And we can operate transparently as an extension of your marketing efforts.

How we serve a client is up to the client. For many, we provide operational solutions: forms and marketing supply, employee uniforms and warehousing are a few examples. But for many others we’ve also become integral to their marketing efforts, with managed campaigns and inventive programs to meet custom market objectives. So, our name says it all. A deep well of solutions for your every business communication or marketing goal. You simply tap the Fontis resource with one call. As a turnkey solution or a partnership, just consider it done.

The bottom line is, Fontis drives costs out of your operations. We make requisition easier, more consistent, getting the right products into the right hands more efficiently, without production waste and warehouse expense. Local area marketing can be made consistent network-wide, eliminating time-consuming variations that go with each market, ensuring brand compliance and enabling you to track your media usage and cost.

Choose any Fontis Solution product or service singly, or better yet use the power of Fontis managed solutions to solve your biggest marketing and operational problems. See how we’ve answered business challenges with Fontis Solutions for major national companies in diverse industries. Then contact us to answer yours.

Marketing Supply Chain Solutions

We partner with automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, high-tech medical, distribution, financial, education  – and we easily adapt to any industry. Often our relationship starts with knowledge counseling, market and Internet research. From there we match our managed solutions to your objectives. The Fontis approach puts the emphasis on process and campaign logistics. We continually build and improve our methods to reduce errors and simplify the roll-out.

It may be a brand campaign, billing or print management, inventory services and warehousing, fulfillment and kitting, email or database marketing or employee incentive programs. Usually it’s a combination. Often it’s bringing together a lot of your scattered resources with our supply chain management expertise. If you’re used to juggling separate web and graphics designers, printers, database managers, promotional product vendors and fulfillment partners, let Fontis integrate these resources and bring them under one manager. One of our greatest online ordering tools, Fontis Brand Center, delivers a new level of consistency and confidence in network-wide brand compliance.

You can call us for any single project you need, say, a direct mail campaign. But when you rely on us to manage we never just throw services at a problem. Instead, we design solutions. Managed solutions. That’s why it’s part of our name. See how our planning and strategic programs helped Mazda Certified Pre-Own Sales increase year-over-year performance by 239%. Then contact us. We’ll bring ideas to our very first conversation.

Design, Print & Procurement Solutions

Maybe you’re looking for a traditional full-service printer. Preflight to drop-ship, in any format, any volume, high-end commercial service. Forms, labels, any custom configuration, any quantity. Brochures, point of sale and promotional products. Of course. But, that’s just where we start. Add managed print services, professional graphic design, photography and pre-press service, with remote proofing and approval. How about printing just what you need when you need it? Never having to warehouse or eat your obsolete inventory? Fontis digital printing-on-demand.

Let’s say your employee incentive program needs some, well, some incentive. Your customer retention needs a little more sticking power. Let us match the promotion to the target profile. Anything from a promotional gift to an award to a memorable “thank you” recognition. We can find it. That’s easy. Creating whole promotions out of these simple events – that’s Fontis. Look beyond the promotional item to the whole managed program, bringing together print, P.O.S., fulfillment and web-based promotion.

See how we’ve done it for high-performng companies. Then contact us. We’ll help you make more of every marketing opportunity.

When a Simple Solution Is All You Need

Sure, we can handle any big-picture campaign or program. But most of our clients also have very specific operational needs. For MemorialCare Health Services, a regional health care organization, for example, we consolidated the production, distribution and warehousing of hundreds of different items, updated and printed on demand in quantities from hundreds to tens of thousands. The client never worries about outdated inventory or warehousing or managing all those different forms. And they saved $600,000 in the first year.

Again, Fontis Solutions are not prepackaged solutions. They’re answers to your specific and ever-changing needs. It’s why we became specialists in fields like hospital marketing and hospital communications, to address our healthcare clients. There’s no vertical market we can’t address with the same dedication and expertise. No provider is more flexible than Fontis in fitting programs to the way you do business. Use us like your secret weapon. Really. Aim us at any enterprise, any marketing or operational challenge and let us go to work. All anybody needs to see is the results. And they will. Call or email us today. Your solution’s waiting.