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Complete Marketing Solutions

Marketing Operations Management

“We are delighted with the program’s response rate of 8-10%. Over 40% of those who respond are requesting physician referrals. That translates into an outstanding return on investment.” – St. Jude Medical Center Marketing Team

Mazda exceeded goals, adding 100+ dealers to the tire program, an increase of more than 20%

In the first two months, Mazda merchandise sales increased 63%

Come to us with a marketing challenge, we’ll design a solution to answer it. Fontis combines the right solutions with the right people for a complete program, from concept and design to fulfillment and warehousing. Email and database marketing. Point-of-sale programs. Complete print management. One of the greatest challenges of marketing network-wide is managing the brand consistency, especially in local area marketing. This is where our Brand Center online ordering has revolutionized brand management. Think of us as an extension of your marketing staff. Now your team can focus on strategy and let us handle the logistics. The best description of what we can do for you? See our Fontis Success Stories and watch how we help major national companies turn tired programs into profit centers, customer relations problems into customer retention solutions. Then call us. We’ll have an answer, guaranteed.

Brand management & compliance

Our Brand Center technology ensures proper branding throughout your sales channels, guaranteeing brand standard compliance, while providing the flexibility needed for local area marketing. Our technology offers self-service out of a web-based location for all branded print, promotional items, uniforms, digital assets and direct marketing tools. This advanced ordering tool includes templates that let local facilities customize materials within locked-down brand standards. No system is better for establishing and maintaining compliance throughout a rebranding program and campaign. Individual, widespread local markets can be rolled out network-wide, simultaneously. Sync up your brand effort with Fontis Brand Center, advanced technology and web-based brand expertise combined in one of our most innovative solutions.

Streamlining the marketing supply chain

Marketing supply chains are getting ever more complex, comprising many partners, brand managers, marketing services, buyers, print services, fulfillment houses, promotional product suppliers, web designers – the list goes on – often connected through complex relationships with little or no assurance of efficiency. On top of that, blending different media can be daunting. What you’re after is a unified, streamlined supply and distribution, with materials to match your market without waste and duplication. Fontis can pull your supply chain world together. We’re the integration specialists who routinely minimize costs and maximize ROI for diverse national networks whose essential resources are scattered.

Data/CRM driven programs

Nothing is more critical to marketing in the digital age than data collection. We’ll collect purchasing history, customer surveys, demographics and appended profiles, then build customized programs to develop one-to-one relationships with your clients. Whether it’s customer loyalty marketing, on-boarding promotions, relevant direct mail/email campaign or a triggered marketing program – a Fontis solution will maximize your ROI.

New product/service launch

Our programs help educate sales teams and create target market awareness. Ultimately attracting new customers to your business and helping you sell more. Allow Fontis to help simplify the launch by kitting marketing collateral, promotional products, uniforms and training materials and distributing worldwide. Then we’ll build awareness in the broadest possible market with direct campaigns, web and social media support.

Event strategy and planning

We help you attract customers, embrace brand standards, and ultimately sell more by managing all phases of your event. Email and direct mail create awareness prior to the event. We make sure your branding is consistent during the event, from graphics displays, sales collateral to uniforms and promotional products. After the event, we build a CRM/database to generate direct marketing campaigns to nurture leads.

Point-of-sale display kitting

In the retail environment, the right signage helps portray the correct brand image. Typically, 50% of all point-of-sale materials are never displayed. Fontis engineering improves on usage and decreases waste. We design and package easy-to-build kits with detailed installation instructions, combined with eye-catching creative, best-in-class distribution and reporting metrics.