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Operations/Finance: Efficient Processes and Managed Print Services

Fontis system ensures patient privacy and saved MemorialCare over 15%

The Fontis internet ordering system developed for Leslie’s Pool Supply has saved us over $50,000 a year

In the first year alone, First American’s hard cost savings with Fontis was more than $250,000

For more than two decades, Fontis Solutions has been a leader in document management, forms, labels, commercial printing solutions of all quantities and press types. We can warehouse, sort and manage hundreds of different items, and produce on demand. Because our production isn’t dependent on maintaining a lot of expensive print machinery, we pass the cost savings to you and we can choose between conventional or digital, whichever is the most effective, efficient solution. As business process experts, we lower our clients’ cost of doing business by improving workflow, simplifying requisitioning and making their employees more efficient. And we integrate as closely with your operation as if we were one of your own departments. Companies nationwide turn their operational communications over to Fontis and then get on with building their business. A Fontis specialist can evaluate your operation and very quickly help you determine the most cost-effective solution. Contact us today.

Print management programs

Design, brand standards, document work-flow, document redundancy, manufacturing method (wide format, digital, litho, etc.) warehousing, requisition process and distribution – our many years of experience in these areas will drive down your costs and improve your delivery. We research usage piece-by-piece to keep materials from going obsolete and to determine which items are best printed on demand or warehoused. The key component to Fontis’ success is our manufacturing partnerships, which let us ignore plant limitations and keep our client’s best interest at the focus of all decisions.

Labeling, warehouse and distribution

A labeling system will ensure that your goods flow through the distribution center without disruption. Fontis’ labeling solutions direct, inform, track, entice, warn, identify and sell your product, using custom face stocks and adhesives, prime labels with vibrant color, and print on-demand applications. Fontis designs your label to match your printing device, your application method and the environmental exposure faced by the label.

Business process outsourcing

Your company’s core competency can be better served by outsourcing and partnering. We’re very experienced in information processing, specializing in critical document delivery, statement processing, policy documents, foreclosure processing, compliance mailings, tax processing (1099s, W2s), product rebates and recalls.

Uniform programs

A major facet of any brand is the appearance of the customer facing-employees. A properly branded uniform identifies employees who are available to service your customers; they also offer a sense of professionalism and credibility. We are experts at managing the budgeting, ordering, and distribution of your uniforms. Fontis streamlines the process of getting each employee the correct size, color, and style in a cost-effective manner. We offer a range of the industry’s best brands, so we can create a uniform that meets your organization’s culture as well as your unique requirements.

Operational efficiencies

Consistent, branded messages should be easy to create, easy to access and requisition by all users. Easy for your customers to understand your different media (digital, print, promotional, web, email, mobile) and how they work together.  Easy for employees to comply with standards, without guessing whether they’re using the current format or materials. Fontis can perform a brand analysis to show where documents can be combined for savings and redesigned for better workflow and ease of use, and then make materials available for the right people right when they’re needed. In the end, our programs will make your business more efficient, reduce your cost, and allow you to concentrate on your core business objectives.