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Human Resources: Incentive & Recruitment Programs

We continuously develop new, inventive, effective employee recognition and incentive programs, from a growing field of resources. Best of all, we make these programs easy and affordable to introduce and maintain. We put into place complete recruiting and on-boarding programs and campaigns to find your best available candidates, train and retain them. We’ll design complete, turn-key employee communication packages customized to your company, to clearly explain salary, bonuses, benefits and safety. Contact your Fontis human resources specialist today and we’ll help determine the best solution for you.

Awards and recognition programs

Offer a tangible reinforcement of your employees’ achievements and you’ll see greater productivity and employee happiness. Fontis helps build programs to recognize top performance such as highest sales or fewest quality errors. We have an array of programs designed to improve employee loyalty, including anniversary awards and programs, birthday programs and employee development awards.

Incentive programs

We’re workplace motivation specialists with a long track record. Fontis can help motivate your staff and increase the bottom line with custom-built incentive and retention programs for sales, training, safety, quality control and many others. We provide proven strategies, attention-catching promotions, point redemption database, internet fulfillment, and complete ROI reporting. We’ll give you a program that’s easy for you to implement and that will excite your employees.

Recruiting and new hires

Our engaging print and digital materials help recruit high-quality job candidates. We have a lot of experience using email and direct mail strategies with difficult-to-fill positions. And we’ll develop new-hire packets, including policy, procedure and training materials.

Benefit communication

Clearly communicating to each employee the full value of his or her compensation and benefits helps retain employees and improve morale. We know how to write compelling, relevant employee benefit statements. Our colorful, easy-to-understand presentation explains the total compensation package, including salary, bonuses, 401K plans, sick leave, vacation time, health benefits and is completely customizable to your company program.