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Hospital Programs

“The Fontis team has been terrific to work with and have followed up with issues consistently.  Great program!”   
Susan Crocket – Director Clinical Workforce Development, Long Beach Memorial 


“Our items arrived on time with everything clearly labeled and well organized.  Thank you to the Fontis team for a successful launch of our Magnet apparel program. You guys were a huge help! 

Shannon Cooper Massaro, BSN, RN – Magnet Program Coordinator, St. Jude Medical Center  


Uniforms play an essential role in presenting a professional health care environment.  Patients want to know the role or purpose of care providers as they enter their room.  Recognizing who is a doctor, a nurse, or another member hospital staff allows patients to feel more comfortable in their environment.  Color-coded, custom logoed uniforms help to easily identify personnel to patients and to each other.  Fontis has successfully implemented cost effective and efficiently run uniform programs in dozens of hospitals and clinics, including MemorialCare, St. Joseph Health Systems, Redlands Community and PIH Health.

Color-Coded Scrubs

Patient satisfaction scores routinely rise after hospitals implement a color-coded scrub policy.  Patients want the security of recognizing the hospital employee’s job function. Color-coding helps prevent the frustration that occurs when patients or family members request patient-care services from non-nurse personnel.

Not all physicians are in the hospital on a daily basis.  Being able to easily recognize nursing personnel from others who wear scrubs makes it easier for physicians to direct patient care.  This is especially true when time-sensitive services are needed.

Administrators know that employees’ appearance reflect on the hospital.  A color-coded uniform policy is a way to ensure the staff looks professional and refrains from wearing inappropriate prints and fashion styles.

Uniform programs also help when instituting new standards.  Many hospitals have instituted a new uniform program to help reinforce new infection control policies.  When hospitals have implemented ‘nothing below the elbow,’ eliminated jewelry (including watches) and banned lanyards, many have also instituted new uniforms designed with special loops for badge holders and clip watches.

Fontis has launched new programs at some of the largest hospitals in California.  From providing each employee with a spending budget to hosting fit fairs so employees can try on the garments, Fontis has a fully developed implementation process to ensure a smooth and successful launch of your program.  We will work with you to ensure that all the details are covered without becoming a burden to your nurse management team.  We understand the challenges of delivering individual orders to hospitals and we work with materials management to ensure orders are received smoothly.  

More than 45 hospitals currently rely on Fontis to improve branding and communications, and we have outfitted over 20,000 healthcare employees.  We are experts at managing the budgeting, order fulfillment and distribution of hospital employee uniforms.   With Fontis managing your program , departmental managers no longer need to manage spreadsheets and track employee orders.  Materials management no longer needs to break down large shipments of scrubs and sort products to match employee orders. Fontis does the work, so you don’t have to. We understand the process of delivering the correct size, color, and style to each employee in a cost effective manner.  We offer multiple uniform selections including Cherokee, Dickies, WonderWink and AFS.

We now offer scrubs with new anti-microbial technologies that protect them from acquiring, incubating and transporting bacteria as the employee moves about the hospital. Using a two-step protection process these garments contain a barrier that prevents contaminated fluids from soaking into the fabric, and then use the anti-microbial properties to fight the remaining bacterial agents and inhibit their growth.

Fontis also offers a line of eco-friendly scrubs made with recycled plastic bottles.  The fabric uses a blend of RPET polyester and cotton to create a clean and green uniform that is both comfortable to wear and stylish.

Lab Coats

Supporting multiple brands, and offering styling in men’s, women’s and unisex, Fontis has large selection of quality lab coats for your physicians and staff.  We even offer lab coats that become tools in fighting against the spread and transfer of unwanted bacteria.  These products include short sleeve lab coats as well as coats made from anti-microbial fabrics and anti-microbial / fluid-blocking fabrics.

Fontis offers a full range of embroidery and decoration programs and our on-line ordering provides approved users a way to order and personalize their coats correctly, without becoming a burden to your administrative staff.


Professional uniforms for admitting and other personnel are becoming more popular.  Whether you offer trousers or skirts, sport coats or sweaters, or ties and scarves, Fontis can build a program to fit the branding and image of your healthcare organization.   And we will operate the program with our signature accuracy and efficiencies.


Volunteers do important work and their interaction with patients and family members contributes to the hospital’s overall image.  As a result, it is important to provide shirts, vests, smocks, aprons or cover-ups that are both comfortable and attractive.  Fontis provides quality garments with custom embroidery that you make your volunteers easy to recognize and enhance their pride in their work.


Fontis offers garments that work as hard as your maintenance and engineering employees.  We offer a full line of rugged polo shirts and standard workwear, along with a full line or fire resistant garments.  We offer the latest styles from some of the highest quality brands available, including Bulwark, Dickies and RedKap. Uniform programs for engineers can be run as stand-alone programs or using the same website as scrubs and other hospital garments.

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