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Insight Imaging – A Brand Compliancy Cost Control Solution

Fontis Brand Center Reduced
Warehousing by 95%

Business challenges

Insight Imaging is a provider of diagnostic imaging services with approximately 50 centers across the U.S. and mobile imaging services provided to more than 300 hospitals. Their program relied on custom produced products that were held in inventory, which prevented local customization and the program could not track spending by cost center or salesperson. Their marketing team’s challenge was to get control of their corporate branding and control costs. This was especially difficult considering locations operated under different names with over 90 logos, with no centralized design, and a lot of slow-moving product in the warehouse.

Fontis answers


Fontis is passionate about our innovative solutions for managing your brand compliance and greatly reducing warehousing costs. Our technology automates the creation, purchasing and distribution of your print, direct marketing, micro web sites, point-of-purchase, email, promotional products and digital assets. We did it for Insight Imaging. Contact us today and we’ll show you how we’ll do it for you.