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MemorialCare™ Health Services – A Managed Print Solution

Fontis Saves Client $600,000 in First Year
With Program for Regional Medical Center

Business challenges

MemorialCare Health Services (MHS) is a highly respected provider of patient care services with seven facilities in Southern California. MHS was ordering more than 1,100 items from multiple vendors and releasing product from four separate warehouses. The process made it difficult to track inventory usage and assign costs. As a result, MHS was experiencing many challenges including obsolescence, multiple items duplicating the same function, unauthorized documents, stock-outs, over-ordering and excessive rush deliveries.

Fontis answers


Fontis helps your company run more smoothly by making it simple to get the right item to the right person. Our innovative print management systems streamline your ordering and fulfillment procedures to help control your supply chain, save time and reduce costs. We’ve done it for MemorialCare. Contact us today and we’ll show you how we’ll do it for you.