Management Team

Account Executives

Jim Spellman  Vice President, Sales

A strategic thinker with a great sense of humor, Jim loves to work with others.  He always finds ways to blend hard work with fun, whether raising funds for the local elementary school, leading Northwood Pointe Flash swim team board meetings or helping clients solve business problems.

Once an aspiring politician, Jim followed a more reliable path after graduating from San Diego State, working twenty years for Xerox.  In 2012 he was presented with the opportunity to join Fontis. Recognizing Fontis as a leader in providing innovative offerings to help clients further their brand, Jim decided to join the team.  Jim is fully committed to exceeding his clients’ expectations, but he also makes time for golf, travel and most importantly his two daughters, Kaitlyn and Ashleigh.

Excited About

Leveraging our Brand Center technology to grow our business and satisfy our customers.

Favorite Quote

“To improve is to change; to perfect is to change often” -Winston Churchill