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Tips for Successful Brand Management

August 13, 2018 • digitalmedia • BrandingComments Off on Tips for Successful Brand Management

Let’s say, however, that you no longer need to be convinced about the importance of brand management. You’re ready to get to work building and improving what you have. Your brand is unique, and there are as many ways to implement Brand Management as there are companies, but there are a few foundational keys to success.


Some Great Tips On Brand Management

Build compliance and consistency

This is perhaps the most comprehensive task, and Fontis Solutions is ready to help you tackle it. Brand compliance involves ensuring your brand is recognizable and communicates univocally across channels and locations. It is heavily detailed and requires three elements to succeed:



Where does your brand come from? It comes from your company vision—a combination of history, achievement, aspirations, and trajectory. Your brand expresses the heart of your business. From visible elements like logo and business cards to structural elements like onboarding and employee training, your brand accompanies all aspects of sales, operations, and relationship-building. Therefore, a well-developed brand will evoke your company vision in a consistent way across channels. It cannot do this, however, unless you manage your brand from a place of total clarity. Understand where you want your brand to take you. Then you can plan how to get there. Fontis can help.



You and every one of your employees must be one-hundred percent clear on how your brand stands for who you are. This builds loyalty, clarity, and develops intuition for when an action or object is “off-brand.” Your strategy must also be clearly and universally communicated, with concrete action steps. Vision comes from the top, but it will typically take another person to translate that vision into actionable, consistent steps for everyone else. Marketing agencies and organizational technologies can help greatly at this stage. When everyone is on the same page, your team avoids confusion, a muddled message, and wasted time.


Dogged execution

When it comes to a consistent, up-to-date brand, no stone goes unturned. From the beginning, your mind must be set to tackle the project of brand consistency and see it through, because there is no such thing as a fifty-percent or even ninety-five percent consistent brand. You have either achieved total compliance, or you haven’t.


Executing compliance is challenging, however, because it is all in the details, from uniforms to letterhead to procedural documents. Websites, for example, are one of the most difficult places to keep the goals and execution of branding consistent. Every site tab and hyperlink must lead to a landing page equally consistent with your brand. Copy, images, tone, font, design, animation, and colors must maintain appropriate flow and harmony. This may take a fine-toothed comb, digitally speaking, but thorough execution is worth it for building up your brand alongside a positive customer and employee experience.


Compliance is one of the many solutions Fontis provides. See some of our success stories.

Turn employees into ambassadors

Employees are a critical part of brand management. Everything they do and say as a known member of your company can add value and integrity to your brand, or detract from it. When employees love the brand they represent, they make effective and natural marketers, at work and in conversations. For example, without even saying a word, an employee in uniform simply providing excellent service, going about his or her day, can do more to influence prospects and clients than a radio ad or digital campaign might. Employees as brand ambassadors provide credibility and personal touch.


This begins in recruiting and training. Every employee, no matter where they are located, must know and understand your company mission and be willing to support it. If an employee can’t wholeheartedly support your vision, it’s probably not a good fit.


Take advantage of technology

Brand management can be complex. A great marketing partner will know how best to take advantage of available technologies to streamline and organize your efforts. Digital tools and web-based platforms can simplify entire branded networks, from employee portals and web ordering to sales and social media, to staff uniforms and paperwork. Combining these tools with analytics gives you a head start in tracking and determining your ROI, and allows you to be more transparent about gains and losses.


By streamlining processes, the right applications of technology also help you stay flexible through change, grow without losing balance, and stay on budget. You can track materials more easily and eliminate items that have become obsolete. Comprehensive brand management with Fontis also scales print and other marketing-related orders to avoid unnecessary expense, overstock, and waste.


The right technology keeps brand management from becoming unwieldy.


Open your mind

A strong brand with a strong future requires an open mind about what that may entail. You may find yourself at the cusp of a global market and need to rebrand. You may uncover a vigorous, unlooked-for-audience, such as a younger age group, that you’ve never engaged before. Or you may discover a need for multilingual services. Brand management doesn’t mean total brand control. Your company is made up of human beings, and you serve human beings, and your brand may need to morph as you need to encompass new horizons. The key is to examine those horizons in view of your identity and goals, which, even if firm, will have some inherent, organic flexibility as you grow.


A responsibly managed brand will communicate effectively, gain the right attention, and lay a consistent path to conversion. At Fontis Solutions, we’d love to join you on that journey. We want to be your source for the scaled solutions you need. Contact us.

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